In Pursuit of Excellence


Welcome to our Kindergarten, where learning is fun, hands on, And child-centered.


Our integrated Kindergarten curriculum provides each student with the opportunity to participate through hands-on experiences and child centered activities that make their learning enjoyable.

  • THE READING PROGRAM: allows the children to strengthen their reading readiness by incorporating oral language and listening activities using reading series which provide an array of fairy tales, folk tales, biographies, and fables. The students acquire specific reading skills, as they advance from letter-sound correspondence, blends, and sight words.  By the end of the year, the students are able to read short sentences composed of one-syllable words.
  • THE MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM: engages the children in exciting hands on activities using games, and puzzles to strengthen numeral recognition, problem solving, and reasoning skills.
  • THE SCIENCE CURRICULUM: is centered on the five senses.  Through hands-on explorations, children learn how to observe, predict, and describe what they sense.  Field trips to local community service offices are included, as well as outings to farms, parks, and science learning centers.
  • THE MUSIC PROGRAM: students are taught to use rhythm instruments while learning different songs. They are also encouraged to develop movement through dance.

Overall, Students are taught to think independently, while respecting the opinions of others as they learn about themselves, their families, different cultures, and their communities.